The Art of Intimacy

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Deep relationship. Delicious Connection.

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The feeling of deep intimacy is unlike anything else I know. It is an experience so profound it can bring you to your knees and to a depth beyond tears.

Real intimacy is the willingness to show up moment to moment with what is truly here, without thought. It is the feeling of deep connection to yourself, together with the openness and willingness to invite someone else in. Honoring our differences, listening, receiving and giving.

And yet so many of us believe we need to fix ourselves to be worthy of intimacy. It’s not true.

When you get that you’re not broken, when you see how amazing you are, when you break through your humiliation and take yourself in, you don’t need to wear your mask any longer.

When you have realized this, you will be able to be bold.

You get to be in true intimacy.

This is a journey I’ve taken many people on over the years and it never stops astounding me. I am in awe of people’s beings. How vulnerable and open they are willing to be and how they find the courage to take such enormous risks is a humbling experience in my world.

Come and experience the depth of true intimacy

I’ve designed this program to enable you to experience what lives you in the world of relationship.

You will explore all the ways you show up or don’t show up. You’ll find your courage, your fears, your depth and the places that hold you back from stepping into your full YES! 

Yes to yourself, yes to relationship, yes to life. Not the safe namby-pamby variety but full balls-to- the-wall intimacy. 

You’ll find your tenderness, your willingness to hold yourself. You’ll find the places that feel small and uninspired. You will meet your fears, the big ones and the tiny ones that have you living small.

You will find your beauty inside and you will have the experience of being truly seen, as nakedly as possible in your deepest shame and your soaring greatness. No space will be left uncovered.

You will find your innocence again. And you will connect with your sense of adventure: the places you’ve feared to tread and can now dare to go.

My goal for you is that you leave this program totally wrung out and empty. Empty of your hesitation, your ‘maybes’ your ‘I’m not sures’, and your need for drama. I want you to leave full of your capacity to connect and to ask for what you want. And be ok whether you get it or not.

I want you to really get how absolutely fucking amazing you are, and how precious and wanted your being is.

What You Can Learn During This Program

Here are the major topics and areas of exploration that I’ll be working on with you during the program. They are doorways into the places that I see people struggle with most commonly in intimacy.

But, let me be clear. This program will be curated specifically for you. You bring whatever you struggle with whether it is relating to yourself or other(s), and I'll create specific experiences that will help you find greater awareness, choice and intimacy.

Understand your seduction style

Explore how you show up in relationship and uncover all the ways you can potentially give yourself away and / or manipulate the other to get what you want. Deeply knowing your style will help you maintain stronger boundaries and live with clearer integrity.

Uncover your attraction patterns

Understanding your attraction patterns can shed light on what pulls you toward someone - whether you are choosing a partner from your childhood wounding or from your adult needs. Once you understand the difference you'll have a  greater ability to experience vulnerability and connect from your heart.

Find your true invitation (women)

Create more safety in your openness with others, by opening more fully to yourself in the mix of your conscious yes and unconscious no. Once you understand that your true invitation is for your own experience, not the other’s, you will have the ability to stay open fully in your deep give.

Ground fully from your cock and balls (men)

Find your willingness to surrender your sex over to your partner without holding back your power and deep vulnerability. Experience yourself in a quieter and more powerful way, and navigate your relationships with exquisite awareness and measured confidence.

Uncover how your heart and sex are split

Open a doorway to experience the fullness of your energy and how the heart feeds your sex and your sex feeds your heart. When you feel more grounded and present with this natural flow, you can experience heart-felt, connected sex.

Differentiating your true needs and desires

Understand the conceptual and energetic differences of demands and desires that comes from a place of  child consciousness and wounding.  When you can identify your true adult needs and desires you have the agency to truly manifest your heart's longing.  

Understand the true meaning of consent

Find the ways you struggle with saying no as well as yes. You will find healthy boundaries and the ability to fully know what you are feeling moment-to- moment, freeing you to consciously give consent, or not.

Unravelling Shame

Learning how shame influences your interactions is pivotal in understanding how you approach  relationships as well as life in general. Unravelling the tentacles of where shame has tied you up will help you find more self-compassion and ease moving into vulnerability. You will be able to experience a spaciousness within, which will allow you to move easily in and out of connection.

Explore boundaries, defense and resistance

Feel the energetic, emotional and physical differences between a boundary (which is an actual energy transmission) and a defense (which is a response to fear). When you get the difference you are able to discern what you are actually feeling, and will have the ability to set boundaries from your grounded yes or no rather than your defense.

Why The Art of Intimacy?

First,I get to give all of what I have to offer to you in this program. I bring together 30 years of amazing training that I have in the fields of body work, psychotherapy, energy healing, and sexuality. 

True intimacy is not only about fucking. It's about a deep connection to yourself and then, your partner.

Second, understanding how much the unresolved childhood part of ourselves is involved in an unconscious aspect of how we relate is imperative to our relationships. Exploring how our triggered reactions are very often our childhood wounds being activated and learning how to hold ourselves while in contact, is a crucial step towards wholeness. 

Third,I found that many people were constantly negotiating relationships out of the fear of abandonment and the fear of rejection. Finding safety while moving through some of the fear is a foundational part of this program. As you understand what the truth of your images are and feel what keeps you separated from yourself, you'll find the willingness to be open to your vulnerability. 

The journey towards another always starts with the self and starting with the self must be steeped in compassion. If you can get that, like really get it, you will find incredible peace. Your fear will be met and mediated. You will have the capacity to live with an open heart and fresh eyes.

Instead of re-acting in fear, you will have the ability go towards another with grounded purpose and an awareness of who’s in front of you.


You will be able to truly see yourself.


I took the decision to dive fully into the Art of Intimacy, and it rocked my world in a very profound way. The biggest questions of my life have always revolved around the deep psychology behind human attraction, sexual desire, and why this area seems so easy for some while so painfully hard for others.During AOI, I got clear, comprehensive (and often startling) insights into who has actually been steering my "relational ship" all these years. And all of a sudden, the root causes of my life-long tumultuous love-affair with women have been explained, and make perfect sense to me. I also feel more delicious in my body after this training, and have re-captured a sense of adventure in my dating life.
 If ONLY I had this information when I was 18!

 Jordan Luke Collier

During this program I have taken tangible steps to becoming more intimate. Intimate with myself, my life and my partner. It wasn't always easy or comfortable, but it is very rewarding. I highly recommend you get in a room with Lynn and let her do her work. The way she orchestrated the space, from group exercises to individual work was intuitive and masterful. In one specific one on one interaction, she was able to help me open to meet myself on a much deeper level, for which I'm very grateful.

Joel Monk


Lynn is a magician. I wanted to unearth and unhook my patterns around relationship - those ones that run underneath the conscious mind and mess up my attempts to be authentically intimate. I said I wanted to Love more. And boy did I get what I asked for. It was challenging at times, confronting, but my partner and I got HUGELY important tools and insights to navigate the ways in which we block love with one another, get triggered, think it's about us. When of course, it's all about love.

Ewan Townhead


This course has benefitted me tremendously, giving me invaluable insights into my romantic attachment style and grounding me way more into my body. Lynn couples great depth of theoretical knowledge with superb hands-on wisdom about the body. She brings an enormous heart and love into her work. 

Nils Elzenga 

How The Program Works

The program is rooted in two, 3-day intensive workshops at the start and the end of the 3 months. In between we will meet weekly on video conference as a group to explore weekly topics, with practices, inquiries and a chance to integrate your experiences.

Here are the practical details: Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • Opening Workshop – 1st-3rd September 2017 
  • Closing Workshop – 1st-3rd December 2017 
  • Online Group Sessions – Every Wednesday at 19:00- 21:00 CET, starting 6th September, ending 29th November
  • One on One coaching sessions by our team of mentors
  • One on One coaching session with Lynn Kreaden
  • Tuition: 
    • FULL PAYMENT Early Registration Until June 1, 2017 .. €1879 - €2179 thereafter.
    • 3 month + 6 month payment plans available.

**Limited Space Available**

I’d love you to come and join me for this 3-month adventure

If you really engage with this course, things will change.

You can experience life as living from your depth, true authenticity, vulnerability and tender heart. This course will take you on a journey of your own awakening to find what's open in you.

They say fear is excitement without breath, in this program, we will breath each other open, to fully embody our kick ass spirit and awe inspiring beauty to show up fully naked and willing to step into whatever is in front of us.

If you want to join, click the button below to fill out the application form and I will get back to you soon with next steps.