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Energy Enrichment Program - A Workshop Series for Energy Junkies

Energy Enrichment Program

A Workshop Series for Energy Junkies

Join Lynn Kreaden on an ongoing monthly Energy Work Enrichment Program. 

This class meets one afternoon a month to explore energy techniques, energy states, chakras, auras and all things energy. Some of our inquiry has been learning how to read energy, finding your preferred sensing system, pendulums, enhancing sensing techniques, body readings, energetic configurations and interventions related to character structures and much more.

Upcoming Dates: 

September 17th 2017

Oct 28th 2017 

1pm - 6pm 

(There will be no workshop in August - workshops will restart in September, more information to come). 


All workshops will be held at Lynn's Office: 

150 West 28th Street - Suite 1104


Each workshop is $175 

Payment can be completed before each workshop through Venmo (instructions below). 

For more info email

To find out more about Lynn go to:

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7:00pm 7:00pm

Intimacy + Men Free Evening Event

Intimacy + Men Free Evening Event



Event Details

Friday, September 15th 

7pm - 10pm

What does Intimacy look like for men?


This question is very potent and the range of of possibilities are endless c'nest pas?


In the Art Of Intimacy Program we delve into this question quite deeply. In my experience, many times men look to sex to create intimacy in their lives. When in actuallity it's more about an intimate connection to themselves that is missing, which in turn can become a lack of appreciation for all that they bring.


In this evening we will explore what Intimacy means to you as a man. There will be exercises and dyad work to help you ground and come together in support of each other. The'll be space for inquiry and sharing as well as some physical practices that you can take with you for home study.


In the last hour of the evening women will be brought in to explore in real time what the impact is on your being and sexuality ~ some of the inquiry will focus on where you withdraw and/or step into connection.


I will be joined by Tom Kelly, Men's coach and Founder of Open, Deep + True.


This event is no charge. Registration is required to hold your spot.


Looking forward to seeing you!


Lynn Kreaden is a holistic body-integrative practitioner with over 25 years' experience in intimacy and sexuality. She has a private practice in NYC where she leads workshops and training seminars on intimacy, sexuality and connection. She also teaches her unique combination of subtle energy healing, deep relating, and embodied authentic pleasure internationally. Lynn’s platform is about returning to our innate body wisdom and opening the conversations needed today about connection, sex, consent and intimacy, including the interface of technology and how that is increasingly changing the landscape of how we relate. Her passion is helping people remember and live the deliciousness of their being at every level, in all aspects of their lives.

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The Dance Of Innocence: Reclaiming The Child Within

The Dance Of Innocence: Reclaiming The Child Within

The Dance Of Innocence:

Reclaiming The Child Within

Join Lynn & Erin as we re-dip our toes into the Dance Of Innocence. We will start where we left off, discovering our boundaries, exploring the true meaning of Consent and finding creative solutions in connection to our triggers within relationships. 

This day-long immersion is open to women who are called by this work. If you hadn't joined us the first time around and would like to attend there is an interview process to see if you would be a good fit for the group. 

In this day-long intensive we will continue to appeal to your child within for ‘source’ information. We aim to identify how her needs can lead your woman toward greater awareness of your relationship choices and an ability to foster compassion for yourself and others.

We will take a deep dive into unveiling programmed behavior and ingrained tendencies that inform your choices in various areas of your lives. 

Saturday September 9th, 2017


150 West 28th St, Suite 1104, NYC

Fee: $200 early registration by August 23rd, $250 thereafter

Our exploration includes: 

-How you show up for her (or not).
-Exploring her yes or no and yours
-Finding how touch impacts your child as the first responder.
-Understanding her response-mechanisms that inform your choices in current relationships (family, friendship and partnership).
-Honoring her voice, which can serve you in building healthy boundaries and support deeper intimacy.
-Understanding how her patterned behavior holds you back or moves you forward.
-Fostering your ability to reshape outcomes.


Join Lynn + Erin for a day of movement, laughter, inquiry, music and community in service of integrating our woman and inner child while unlocking our kick ass spirit! 


Lynn Kreaden founder of Lifeworks NY, is a holistic body-integrative practitioner with over 25 years' experience guiding clients to their sensual pleasure, open-hearted connection, and authentic expression. She has a private practice in NYC, and teaches workshops and training seminars internationally with her unique combination of subtle energy healing, deep relating, and embodied practices.

Erin Pace holds a BFA from Syracuse University. From her 30+ years of experience in many forms of dance, theatre/music/event production and working with a wide range of clients in various capacities, her intuitive movement and coaching practice aims to guide women into deeper ownership and soulful embodiment of their feminine magnificence. She provides a safe, grounded, nurturing, fun space for exploration and discovery. Her passion is your elevation.


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