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Abandonment and Intimacy, A tension Filled Dynamic

Harm of too Much Love Giving:

Constructive and Destructive Will Forces

I now wish to discuss another facet of love, will, and human relationship. You know from life and from your own experience as well as from previous lectures that these three phenomena are interdependent. Each is of the utmost importance for your life and your fulfillment. Together all of them form one whole. If one functions independently in a healthy and productive way, the other two are bound to function just as healthily, almost in an automatic fashion. Yet, at times, it is important to consider each one separately. There can be no fulfillment of any sort without good human relationships. And good human relationships are impossible without love. Nor can you live productively without the will functioning properly. Love and will can have many distorted aspects, manifesting in many ways. We have discussed some of them in the past. Let us now consider these subjects with a new approach.

Three Aspects That Prevent Loving

When I offer you blessings, what do these words mean to you?  Do you hear them perhaps as mere words without meaning, without reality?  Blessings have a very definite reality, my friends. If you were but free, really free of all your barriers, all the layers that prevent you from feeling, from living, and from experiencing life to the fullest, these blessings would be a reality for you. You would feel the actual stream, the current of love that flows to each and every one of you from a world of light and freedom, from a world of harmony and truth, a world of love. But this stream of love is often unable to reach and penetrate you. You may not perceive and experience it because the senses that are destined for such perceptions are dulled by your fears, shame, and urgent wishes, and by your defenses, all of them are based on error, confusion, and misconception.

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Shame of the Higher Self

Pathwork Guide Lecture No. 66 | May 27, 1960

"Greetings. I bring you blessings, my dearest friends. Blessed is this hour. Blessed is each one of you and your dear ones.
I have discussed at length with you the guilt and shame all human beings feel about their lower selves, their faults and weaknesses, their misconceptions and deviations. Tonight I should like to discuss another aspect of the human personality, the shame about the higher self, the best and noblest in the human heart. This may sound incredible — nevertheless it is so. I am certain that you will all recognize the truth of these words when you listen carefully.
Strangely enough, people are just as ashamed of their faculties of love, humility, generosity — the very best they have to offer — as they are of the small, selfish and ungiving part of their nature. Let us consider what causes this inner tragedy, this senseless struggle. One main factor is responsible, which varies in extent, detail and manifestation with every individual."

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