"Art of Intimacy" participants


I took the decision to dive fully into the Art of Intimacy, and it rocked my world in a very profound way. The biggest questions of my life have always revolved around the deep psychology behind human attraction, sexual desire, and why this area seems so easy for some while so painfully hard for others.

During AOI, I got clear, comprehensive (and often startling) insights into who has actually been steering my "relational ship" all these years. And all of a sudden, the root causes of my life-long tumultuous experience of love affair with women have been explained and make perfect sense to me. I also feel more delicious in my body after this training, and have recaptured a sense of adventure in my dating life.

 If ONLY I'd had this information when I was 18!

 Jordan Luke Collier

Lynn is a magician. I wanted to unearth and unhook my patterns around relationship - those ones that run underneath the conscious mind and mess up my attempts to be authentically intimate. I said I wanted to Love more. And boy did I get what I asked for. It was challenging at times, confronting, but my partner and I got HUGELY important tools and insights to navigate the ways in which we block love with one another, get triggered, think it's about us. When of course, it's all about love.

Ewan Townhead

During this program I have taken tangible steps to becoming more intimate. Intimate with myself, my life and my partner. It wasn't always easy or comfortable, but it is very rewarding. I highly recommend you get in a room with Lynn and let her do her work. The way she orchestrated the space, from group exercises to individual work was intuitive and masterful. In one specific one on one interaction, she was able to help me open to meet myself on a much deeper level, for which I'm very grateful.

Joel Monk

The weekends were superb and I got so much out of them, yet the consistent weekly coming together made for integration and slowly deepening understanding. Yes, the calls were sometimes chaotic and sometimes we did not have enough time, yet for me the juice has been: seeing how my core wound shows up EVERYWHERE and how I play that out all the time in desire, in seduction, in my behavior in so many different ways. So rich. And empowering, cause now that I see that, I can love myself and start changing it.


This course has benefitted me tremendously, giving me invaluable insights into my romantic attachment style and grounding me way more into my body.

Lynn couples great depth of theoretical knowledge with superb hands-on wisdom about the body.

She brings an enormous heart and love into her work.

Nils Elzenga


What impacted me most was how the inner child comes out in courtship and how to deal with it in a healthy way. Furthermore, understanding how much time and space women need in order to open up to intimacy proved to be critical in a wonderful encounter I had recently. I happily recommend Lynn's offer. Her extensive training and decades' worth of experience is something I haven't found anywhere else in the topics she teaches.



This program gave me a map in intimacy, a possibility to explore the different areas of intimacy such as seduction styles, uncovering my attraction patterns, working with my sexual fantasies, the cornerstones of my arousal .......
Becoming conscious of the network underneath everything that is playing out on the surface gave me a completely new perspective.

I received a lot of light and understanding in the areas we explored and in the way in which I function and others can function. With this light, its easier to see the path I want to walk (and which one I walked enough and don't need to follow anymore). I see the uneven ground, and I don't step in the same holes again. I now have more acceptance and love for myself and others. 

I now have access to a wider range of the land we are walking in, and there is still much more to explore.  Now there is a lot of joy to walk an explore on the land with the tools and clarity I have gained. I feel programs like this should be taught in schools. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to experience the richness of the program.   

Romana Stadler

I can highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, their relationship, intimacy, sexuality. I have followed the training together with my partner, and we have benefited a LOT from everything we have learned. For me, the power of the training is in the combination of theory with experiential learning.

Lynn is very gifted and able to create unique experiences for all the different trainees to experience in a safe setting exactly these things that hold them back in being free, themselves, in relationships. The training has given me much more awareness on my patterns, and more awareness on my partners patterns too. I notice it more now when I'm not showing myself: when I'm feeling small, hurt, ashamed (things I want to hide!!). And I understand much better why I feel like that sometimes now.

I learned how to have compassion for myself, how to hold myself in my fears. And because of this I judge myself less, dare to be more vulnerable, share how I feel and ask for what I need. Also I have much more compassion for my partner's patterns. The experiences in the training are memories I can go back to anytime.

I know how it feels to hold myself in my fear. I know how it feels to be full in myself and share myself like that. We know how it feels when we are in a trigger response and pulling and leaving each other energetically. And because we know how it feels, we are more aware, and we are more free to do things differently. And we continue to practice and learn each day. But we have engrained memories and tools now. And that's what Lynn and her training can offer you.

Suuske Popma