The Body Revealed-Sacred Sexual Body Readings
10:00 AM10:00

The Body Revealed-Sacred Sexual Body Readings

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The body is a wonderland that has an infinite amount information which is seen and unseen. Our sexual energy is infused with our life force and aliveness. How we were received and accepted as little people; speaks directly to our erotisism, sexuality and emotional availability as adults today.

The body remembers everything about our perceived experiences of rejection and judgements, and/or approval and love. Our sexuality forms around this emotionally charged information, and creates ways that the energy moves or doesn’t move through our sexuality.

Join Lynn as she guides you through a journey of your body’s sexual energetics. Several participants will be invited to have their bodies read, in front of the group, and go through a small process that can shift their consciousness to be able to inhabit their sexual energy with deeper awareness and aliveness.

This is a very vulnerable and sacred experience. If you are interested in having your body read, please schedule a video interview with Lynn prior to the workshop, scheduling details will be on on your confirmation receipt. We will have time for up to 8 readings.

Limited to 20 participants.

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The Art of Intimacy Intro Workshop-Montréal
to Sep 1

The Art of Intimacy Intro Workshop-Montréal

Rejoignez Lynn Kreaden pour une introduction au programme "L'Art de l'intimité".

L'intimité est souvent mal comprise. Peut-être pensez-vous que c'est la sexualité, les rencontres, ou peut-être le fait de révéler des choses sur nous-même qui vous font sentir vulnérable.

En fait, l'intimité est un échange énergétique complexe et subtile qui influence chaque interaction sociale et relation que nous avons : de la manière dont nous interagissons avec ces parfaits étrangers qui nous attirent, à notre manière de nous comporter au sein de notre famille, en passant par notre façon de faire l'amour avec ceux qui nous aimons et désirons.

Nous explorerons notamment l'attraction, en l'observant sous l'oeil de l'enfant comme premier répondant.

Nous explorerons aussi qui de l'enfant ou de l'adulte dirige la relation ... :)

Nous travaillerons aussi sur les traumatismes sous toutes ses formes, incluant ceux reliés à la sexualité.

Nous ferons des lectures du Corps Sacré Sexuel avec des processus pour accéder au courant qui est en attente de connexion.

Cet atelier est pour les couples et célibataires de toute orientation.

Le nombre de place est limité.
300$ avant le 1er Août 2019
350$ après le 1er Août 2019


J'ai bien hâte d'amener ce travail dans ma ville d'origine :)

Pour plus d'informations, contactez ou


Join Lynn Kreaden for an introduction to The Art of Intimacy Program.

As we know, intimacy is misunderstood. We think it’s sex or dating, or maybe revealing things about ourselves that make us feel vulnerable.

In fact, intimacy is a complex, subtle energetic exchange that affects every social interaction and relationship we have — from how we interact with attractive strangers walking down the street, to how we respond to family (triggers and all), to how we have sex with those we love and desire.

Part of what we will be exploring is attraction, as we look at it through the lens of the child as the first responder.

We will also explore who’s running the relationship the child or the adult..😊

Some of our inquiry will be working with trauma in all its iterations including the sexual.

There will be Sacred Sexual Body Readings with process to access the flow that is waiting for connection.

This workshop is for couples and singles of any orientation.

Space is Limited
Workshop fee:
Early Bird: Before August 1, 2019 300.00 CAD
$350.00 CAD thereafter.


Looking forward to bringing this work to my home city...😊

For more info please email: or

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Intimacy Weekend Retreat
to Sep 22

Intimacy Weekend Retreat

Intense Intimacy Workshop with Lynn Kreaden

Real intimacy is the willingness to show up in relationship moment to moment. Honoring our differences, listening, receiving and giving.

Come and experience the depth of true intimacy. 

What lives through you in the world of relationship.

Explore the ways you show up or don’t show up

Find your courage, your fears, your depth and the places that hold you back from stepping into your full YES! Yes to yourself, yes to relationship, yes to life.

  • You will find your tenderness and your willingness.

  • You will find the places that feel small and uninspired.

  • You will meet your fears and what keeps you from your fullness.

  • You will find your beauty that has always been there inside and you will have the experience of being truly seen in your soaring greatness and deepest shame. No space will be left uncovered.

Please note, this workshop is not for the faint of heart. This will be a very practice heavy weekend. If you are ready to try something different, then this is your chance. The Monastic Academy residents live, work, and train together full-time. By joining, you will have the opportunity to dive deeply in this supportive, honest, and loving container to see more, feel more, and learn more.

Lynn is a healer with a lifetime of experience and training. She teaches internationally with a home base in New York City. It's rare for her to travel, but she's coming for a special weekend to the Monastic Academy as a service to the residents here. Don't miss your chance!

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