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Energy Enrichment Program - A Workshop Series for Energy Junkies

Energy Enrichment Program

A Workshop Series for Energy Junkies

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Join Lynn Kreaden on an ongoing monthly Energy Work Enrichment Program. 

This class meets one afternoon a month to explore energy techniques, energy states, chakras, auras and all things energy. Some of our inquiry has been learning how to read energy, finding your preferred sensing system, pendulums, enhancing sensing techniques, body readings, energetic configurations and interventions related to character structures and much more.

Upcoming Dates: 

December 16th 2017

January 13th 2018 

1pm - 6pm 

(There will be no workshop in November - workshops will restart in December, more information to come). 


All workshops will be held at Lynn's Office: 

150 West 28th Street - Suite 1104


Each workshop is $175 

Payment can be completed before each workshop through Venmo (instructions below). 

For more info email

To find out more about Lynn go to:

Payment With Venmo

Log into Venmo to complete your payment transaction. Payment instructions are listed below.

Once you are logged in, you can send money by completing the following steps-

  1. Click "pay"

  2. Type @Lynn-Kreaden in the "to" section

  3. Type in payment amount in the first line next to the dollar sign ($)

  4. In the next line, specify "Energy Enrichment Program"

  5. Click "send"