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The Light, The Dark + The Space In-Between: A Polarity Practice Workshop with Lynn Kreaden & Dare2be

The Light, The Dark + The Space In-Between:

A Polarity Practice Workshop

with Lynn Kreaden & Dare2be

“I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair.
Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets.
Bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day
I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps.”
--Pablo Neruda

Without connecting our heart, our sexuality and the wisdom of our open consciousness, there remains little room for them to exist in service of a deeply lived life. 

This lack of internal connection is most deeply felt in our intimate relations with others and precisely this contact provides one of the most powerful doors into trust and surrender. Exploring the full spectrum of masculine and feminine qualities to discover that both exist in all of us and what magic can be created in the space in-between.

Bringing sensitivity to the areas that are missed opens us to the capacity to live from these three places of our being, that births a fuller expression of self and a richer experience of the world. From this awakening, connecting to an intimate other can open possibilities previously untapped.

In this workshop we will use the polarity of grounded consciousness and the sensitive aliveness of life as an exploration of our stuck places and gradually free ourselves to express what “lives us”, as we relate both to ourselves and to an intimate other.

Part of the workshop will be divided into a men's and women's breakout session. The men will be taken on a journey to break the attachment to the pleaser in all of us, through physical excercise, meditation and vulnerability practice's, to get down to the naked core of consciousness and brotherhood.

The women's portion will be spent finding our sensual movement, exploring our tender places and coming together in support of each other claiming our truth, heart and our delicious invitation.

• Develop sensitivity to the “in between” spaces in ourselves and our partner
• Enhance the interplay between intimacy, sexuality and communication
• Explore the polarity of consciousness and light
• Synchronize with our partner through energy and entrainment exercises
• Create a deep connection with our partner simultaneously from our heart, our sex and our mind


 400 Euros (Includes lunch)

*scroll down to learn how to pay* 


Mirror Center
Ter gauwstraat 3
1093 JX Amsterdam


Friday Evening: 19:30-22:00
Saturday: 10:00-19;00
Sunday: 10:00-18:00

Interview Required For Admittance if You Haven’t worked with Lynn prior.

For further info please email Liesbet at



Lynn Kreaden

Lynn Kreaden founder of Lifeworks NY, is a holistic body-integrative practitioner with over 25 years' experience guiding clients to their sensual pleasure, open-hearted connection, and authentic expression. She has a private practice in NYC, and teaches workshops and training seminars internationally with her unique combination of subtle energy healing, deep relating, and embodied practices.

Lynn’s platform is about returning to our innate body wisdom, that we can create the connections we desire with others while deepening our connection to our own sense of self. Her passion is helping people remember and live the deliciousness of their being at every level, in all aspects of their lives.

Bjorn Heijligers

Björn, an astronomer gone rogue, found his mission after 12 years exploring alternative relationship forms. He helps men be present, vulnerable and free, so they can serve their partners and the world into deeper trust and surrender. 

Born in 1974, Björn has an extensive background in science, BDSM, Tantra, Relationship Therapy and Martial Arts. He walks the path less trodden. Combining coaching with science, spirituality and a big sense of adventure, he is ready to support men and women into their own dive down the rabbit hole.



Liesbet Deleersnjder

Liesbet is the founder of HIPS in Antwerp, where she teaches fluid, feminine movement and pole dancing. Her passion is guiding women to discover freedom and bliss through their unique movement that lives deeply in their bodies.