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Re-Ignite Your Fire

Manhattan Center for Personal Growth
150 W 28th St, Suite 1104, New York City

Join us in exploring what lies within the stirrings of our heart, the fieriness of our sex, and the wisdom of our heart. There is a rich sexuality, eroticism and sensuality in the True Feminine. Yet many women have lost a real sense of connection to these innate energies, turning to the outside world to have these needs met.

We will delve deeply into how to reconnect to our wisdom, our fire and our desire. Our time will be spent in an exploration of how our openings and closures compliment each other in service of keeping us in a pseudo sense of safety. True safety requires us to take bold steps to be seen in our vulnerability and support each as we reveal our deepest longings.

This circle of women will provide a space of safety, mutual risk taking and intimate sharing, as each woman finds ‘her’ own permission to open and explore the places that long to be celebrated.

Through the fusion of body-work, movement, deep contact, breath-work, subtle energy healing and tantric practice’s, we will find a doorway of grace to deepen our connection to ourself and others.

Saturday May 14



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Interview needed if you haven't worked with Lynn or Vyana previously. 

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VYANA BERGEN is a coach in the mysteries of Tantra, who works from her home and temple, Tripura Sundari, in the Catskill mountains, two hours north of NYC. She studies with Dr. Rudy Ballentine and has offered teaching in Tantra for over ten years. A former UCC minister, Vyana has also been a Shalom Mountain process retreat leader and trainer for over 18 years.

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