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SOUL, SEX & SURRENDER weekend events with Lynn Kreaden & Liesbet Deleersnijder

InnerLife Sentret
Sagvelen 28, 0459 Oslo, Norway
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This weekend event series (Friday evening, Saturday women's immersion, Sunday mixed group) will be an exploration of what feeds our soul, attracts our sex, allows us to surrender to what is, and to listen to what lives in the space “in between” — where the relationship of the “in and out breath” lives and that creates an arena of infinite possibilities. 

Friday, February 12, 7-9:30pm
$30 (NOK300) at door
Open to the public. 

Saturday, February 13, 10am-6pm
$120 before January 10, $140 thereafter
As women, our soul and sex long for a safe place to surrender. We inherently have strong intuition that, if listened to, will lead us to what we desire. In the noise of all the societal messages and internal voices, we lose connection to our inner wisdom, that’s waiting for an invitation to come out and play. In this day-long exploration together, we will delve into what stops us from hearing our innate knowing, to create a delicious space for our desires to flourish.

Sunday, February 14, 9am-5pm
$120 before January 10, $140 thereafter

Both women and men face intimacy challenges. As boys growing up in today’s age of Internet images and prescriptions of what a “man” looks like, trying to find the balance between being a lover, father, brother and partner can be difficult at times. There are so many mixed messages that can create internal confusion around how to inhabit your masculinity.

In this weekend's events, we will explore the ins and outs of how to recognize when your intimate other is inviting you to move closer into connection. Our exploration will include finding out your needs and wants, as well as learning how to approach and track your partner. The goal will be to find your way of inhabiting all aspects of your femininity and/or masculinity, without having to hide or hold back your desire.

Modalities we will use during the weekend are bodywork, breath work, dyad exercises, body-centered therapies, movement, music/dance, intimate and conversational practices, and deep inquiry with lots of laughter. Please bring your curiosity, innocence, wonder, grit, and a “Hell, yes!”

  • Couples, singles, gay and straights welcome.
  • No nudity or direct sexual contact; clothes-on event.
  • Singles will be paired at the event (we'll will make every attempt to have equal numbers for the mixed-day Sunday event). 
  • Interview needed if you haven't worked with Lynn or Liesbet prior.
  • Cancellations: Full refund 30 days before workshop, with a $30 administration fee. No refunds thereafter.

Please email Lynn at with questions or post on the Facebook page here.

Lynn Kreaden, founder of Lifeworks NY and The Erotic Goddess series of international woman's workshops, is a holistic body-integrative practitioner with over 25 years' experience guiding clients to their sensual pleasure, open-hearted connection, and authentic expression. She has a private practice in NYC, and leads workshops and training seminars internationally with her unique combination of subtle energy healing, deep relating, and embodied practices. 

Lynn has studied directly with some of the most renowned recent teachers in body-aware therapies and healing, including John Pierrakos, M.D. (founder of Core Energetics), Dr. Barbara Brennan, David Deida, Marc Gafni, Sofia Diaz, Gina Ogden, The Welcome Consensus, Dr. Val Brown, and Dr. Patricia Fields. She has been a senior faculty member with The Institute Of Core Energetics for the past eighteen years. Her passion is helping human's remember and live the deliciousness of their being at every level, in all aspects of their lives.

LIESBET DELEERSNIJDER is founder of HIPS in Antwerp where she teaches fluid, feminine movement and pole dancing. Her passion is guiding women to discover freedom and bliss through their unique movement that lives deeply in their bodies.