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HIPS, Oever Antwerpen
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As women, our soul and sex long for a safe place to surrender. We inherently have strong intuition that, if listened to, will lead us to what we desire. In the noise of all the societal messages and internal voices, we lose connection to our inner wisdom that is waiting for an invitation to come out and play. In this intimate evening we will delve into what stops us from hearing our innate knowing and create a delicious space for our desires to flourish.

This evening will be experiential, full of movement, music, dance, laughter and deep inquiry. All women are welcome!

  • Space is limited. Secure your spot by buying your ticket here.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in freely.
  • Bring a journal and a pen. 

For more information, email Lynn at

LYNN KREADEN is a holistic body-integrative practitioner with over 25 years' experience guiding clients to their sensual pleasure, open-hearted connection, and authentic expression. She has a private practice in New York city, and teaches workshops and training seminars internationally with her unique combination of subtle energy healing, deep relating, and embodied practices. Lynn’s platform is about returning to our innate body wisdom, that we can create the connections we desire with others while deepening our connection to our own sense of self. Her passion is helping people remember and live the deliciousness of their being at every level, in all aspects of their lives.

LIESBET DELEERSNIJDER is founder of HIPS in Antwerp where she teaches fluid, feminine movement and pole dancing. Her passion is guiding women to discover freedom and bliss through their unique movement that lives deeply in their bodies.
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