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NeurEnergetics: A Journey Into Non-Dual WE Space


A Journey Into Non-Dual WE Space

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A Journey Through Non-Dual WE Space
Lynn Kreaden and Christina Rompa

Join us for a profoundly transformational experience where we bring the most advanced brain training technology available, together with a group of humans who are on a deep journey of awakening. 

In this workshop we will explore the intersection of technology, NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback, the collective WE Space, Non–Dual Energetics and awakening processes through deep connection and group practices. 

The ‘system’, developed by Dr’s Sue and Val Brown has been called the most effective bio-hack on the planet. Val, a practicing Buddhist and Chaos Theorist once said that this system is the materialization of non-dualism. 

He and Sue have dis-covered mathematics and developed algorithms that mirror the brain’s activity and allow it to re-organize itself in a trailblazing way that enhances personal transformation approaches. This technology allows your brain to playfully interact with the software and receive information on its own activity in a comprehensive and dynamic way.

This workshop will be comprised of group runs using a unique formation of interfacing hook ups called the Star Formation. The group will be interconnected through sensors running from the systems and each other. There will be sharing, dyad and group practices in between the NeurOptimal training runs. 

What To Bring:
Set of earbuds
A personal cushion and/or a blanket should you prefer to have your own  

**Space is limited due to system availability**

Dates:Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of August. 
Hours 9.30 - 17.00
Walk in from 9.15

**You can register for one or two days**

Early Registration until 11th of August: 

1 day € 175 or 2 days € 300 / € 200 or € 350 thereafter

(Entrepreneur prices are exclusive 21% vat)

Register by sending an email with your name and date(s) of choice to  

Finalize by payment to NL65ABNA0403728037 in the name of Breingoed – please fill in your name and participation date(s) in the payment description. You will receive an email confirmation upon payment.

For more information: Christina Rompa 06-81007794