The Art of Intimacy:


Hi, lovelies.

Here's a bit more about the Art of Intimacy workshops. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out. 

There are still some spaces open for both Amsterdam and New York programs.

I'd love to see you there!

Art of Intimacy—Update

The Love Question...

Lynn discussed love on Facebook Live. Some notes...


I love connecting with you in online calls. One of our last calls went something like this...

Do you remember your first crush? How old were you? Who was it? What grade were you in? Do you remember the feeling that went through your body when you looked at the person? Could you evenn actually look, or were you shy? Did they know you were crushing on them, or was it a total secret? 

Now, think back to the last time you were attracted to someone. Feel into where that lands in your body. Do you stop breathing? Does it bring a smile to your face? Do you feel that little bit of excitement in your belly? Maybe a little giggle? That little bit of shock and breathlessness when you think of them?

Take a breath... Is this feeling familiar?

I've recently been doing a deep exploration of Love. Some questions to peruse: 

Do you remember the last time you felt loved? Do you remember the last time you loved deeply? How do you know that was love? Were you able to let it in or did you do something to reflect it? 

I have been in this question with an overwhelming urge to tell the people I care about, that I love them. I've been feeling this urgency for weeks and have written about it in one of my newsletters. You can read about my discoveries here.

What is your experience of love? Do you know when you feel love? Can you let it in and believe that you are loved?

Taster Intro & Information!


Hi, lovelies.

In this video, I talk a little about guilty pleasures — and I might shared one of my own…😳

I'll be doing open online calls and videos in the coming weeks to share more about this ever evolving program. Check back here for the latest!

The Art of Intimacy Interview:
Lynn Kreaden & Evind Figenschau Skjellum

The Art of Intimacy—Fall 2016