Client testimonials

Lynn has a penetrating style and a depth of presence that surfaces your hidden wounds and obstacles to growth in a way that is supportive, healing and transformative.”

I can now breathe into my fear, my feelings — whatever comes up. I have more of a longing to know pleasure in my body. I am more in my heart. I have more of a sense of myself and a desire to be present and in what’s true for me. Lynn is helping me learn the difference between 'my story' and who I really am.”

Raw…open..fighting all the way….letting go with trust and feeling your love……thank you.”

I feel like I have more direction in my life and that that came organically rather than through anything structured. I am more in touch with my knowing, my truth, my self. I am more aware of my gifts. I have more awareness of, and desire to have, my pleasure.”

One of Lynn's major gifts as being able to help people uncover their own gifts and bring them out into the world. Lynn holds an amazing container for people to find their leadership and to take risks in a safe place.”

You give me hope for what is possible in awareness, intuition, pleasure. You are teaching me how to be present through your own presence.”

Your guidance rocked my world. Thank you very much. It’s possibly one of the biggest reasons, along with my sobriety, that I’m still breathing in hope, trust, and empowerment.”

The biggest change I see after working with Lynn is the way I am in my body. I’m more ‘in it’ and more aware when I’m not. The way I move has totally shifted. I am also aware of my pelvis and a deep desire to be more connected to it.  I want to fully know and explore my sex.”

Lynn has so much knowledge and intuition and skill, I feel literally and metaphorically in good hands.”

Your commitment to stretching the envelope, for pushing me beyond my comfort zone, is scary — but I count on it to grow.”

I feel less afraid, more willing to be who I am, to be silly when I want to be, to be assertive when I need to be, to actually muse on the question ‘What do I want?’ and to speak my truth and not feel responsible for creating others’ feelings.”

“I feel I’m learning to claim my space on this planet and claim my decisions.”

I live much more in the present, not bemoaning the past or catastrophizing about the future as I used to do. It’s very interesting in the present. I like it. The bodywork and the breathing have been invaluable.”

I’ve had some dramatic experiences in Lynn's classes and workshops that have shifted me away from inauthentic behaviors…and given me the experience of being more alive.”

I breathe much better having done the bodywork. I have much more understanding of my patterns and behaviors. I work with a few therapists in workshops and classes and, after working with Lynn specifically, I consistently more open and present.”

I feel seen and felt by Lynn in a way I’ve not experienced anywhere else. She is willing to go anywhere I need to go (nothing is off limits), and she doesn’t leave. I feel safe with her.”

This work keeps me more in my life and gives me hope that my life will get better.”

As a spiritual counselor, Lynn has served to ground our staff with a deeper understanding of who they are, which ultimately strengthens their contributions to our mission, fosters teamwork, and goal achievement.”

Lynn is an amazing creature. I have seen very few women who embody her passion, her fierceness AND her deep love in the field of sexuality and intimacy to her extent.

For me, she has been a guide into my own body and needs, my true yes and true no, a way to side step the chatter and imprints of my mind and *feel* what I need and want.

I feel deeply served and empowered by working with her. She has shown me ways to be with myself with compassion, yet fully showing up, by listening to my body, and honouring it with deep love and self-care. And she has shown me where I am holding back, and allows a safe space for deep exploration and opening, with all the fear and vulnerability that entails. All with the deepest love for my process, for me, yet not letting me get away with anything less than my (full) self.


I love you Lynn, thank you for you fierce care, passion and commitment. You are a true warrior on this path. ---